Allergy Bites!

I find so many interesting studies and articles in the news about food and food allergies.  Or maybe they’re not that interesting and I am just a nerd!  If you are a nerd too, I’m starting this series for you!  I’m calling it Allergy Bites.



  • Kids Reacting Badly: “Today one in three Australians suffer from an allergic disease, and what’s alarming about that is that it was virtually unheard of 30 years ago. Among children, the incidence of food allergies has increased five-fold in just the past decade.”


  • Whole Foods and Major Cereal Brands Accused of Deceptively Marketing GMOs as ‘Natural’: “Cereal samples collected by The Cornucopia Institute were allegedly tested by an ‘independent, accredited laboratory’, according to a statement from the organization, and found to contain ‘high levels of genetically engineered ingredients.’ The group says some of the cereal samples contained anywhere from 25 to 100 percent genetically modified ingredients despite making non-GMO claims either on product packaging or company websites.”



Image Credit: RambergMediaImages

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