National Jewish, Day 10

We are going home!



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This is it!  It’s our last day!  I asked the doctors to challenge the cheese stick again this morning, so I would know for sure if it was safe.  She passed again!

We could have stayed and done a fresh milk challenge, but I just couldn’t.  When you are doing a food challenge you have to stay right by the nurses’ station, so they can watch you.  We had been doing this for days.  It was worth it, but Bella and I desperately needed to get outside!


Before we were discharged, we had a meeting with all the doctors on her team.  I was given pages and pages of instructions of what to do from here.  I was also given the direct phone number to the nurses’ station.  I was encouraged to call day or night.

As we left the hospital, tears streamed down my cheeks.  Our lives have been completely transformed.  My child is not suffering.  She is sleeping normally.  Her diet has opened up almost completely!  Her only restrictions are now nuts and fresh milk.  I’m truly amazed and humbled by how many prayers have been answered here.

If you have a child suffering from severe eczema, please take her to National Jewish.  You will be so glad you did!

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