Why the Rise in Food Allergies?

Wow!  I just watched this talk by Robyn O’Brien and I am fired up.  She is speaking my language!  Want to know why there is such a rise in food allergies?  Robyn O’Brien has some ideas.  From You Tube:

Robyn shares her personal story and how it inspired her current path as a “Real Food” evangelist. Grounded in a successful Wall Street career that was more interested in food as good business than good-for-you, this mother of four was shaken awake by the dangerous allergic reaction of one of her children to a “typical” breakfast. Her mission to unearth the cause revealed more about the food industry than she could stomach, and impelled her to share her findings with others. Informative and inspiring.

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4 Responses to “Why the Rise in Food Allergies?”

  1. Melissa says:

    WOW. That was incredible. While I was listening to her encouragement at the end about one person being able to make a difference, I was emailed by a friend asking me to help her feed her family healthier food. I think it was a sign! 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      I loved the video too! I keep meaning to pick up her book. Thanks for leaving a comment Melissa. It really means a lot to me.