How to Pull Off an Elimination Diet


We have all heard the best way to pin point an offending allergen is to remove it from the diet and see if your symptoms disappear.  If the symptoms vanish, reintroduce the potential allergen and see if the symptoms reappear.  It sounds simple, but for some of us it can be overwhelming.

Jennifer of It’s an Itchy Little World has successfully uncovered all of her son’s eczema triggers through an elimination diet.  You can read her encouraging experience  in her article: Elimination Diet: How You Can Do it Too!.

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One Response to “How to Pull Off an Elimination Diet”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing our experience with your readers! Removing the foods that triggered my son’s eczema changed our world. We really went from severe head to toe eczema to healing within days. Foods are not always a trigger, but they often are. It’s important to keep in mind that foods may not be the only trigger and it could be a collective group of things irritating the skin, such as cleaning products, environmental allergies, lack of omega oils, leaky gut, etc. I hope this post can help at least one person find some much needed eczema relief!