$20 Voucher to Vitacost for $10 @ Mamapedia!

Mamapedia (similar to Groupon) is currently offering a $20 voucher to vitacost for $10!  I love Vitacost!  It’s where I get all of Bella’s supplements which have improved her eczema significantly.  I also have ordered natural toiletry and food products like toothpaste, soap and organic apple cider vinegar.  Vitacost carries a variety of gluten-free foods as well.  I have found their prices to be significantly less than any local store.  Go here to get your voucher today!

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Disclosure: The links above are referral links and I will get a small credit to my account if you sign-up through them.  However, what I said is true and I would recommend this voucher even if I were to get nothing at all.

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