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Menu Plan Monday – August 8, 2011


I picked up ten locally pastured chickens over the weekend.  Next month will be the last month they are availbale in my area.  I will get ten more chickens and that should hold me over until next spring.  My freezer is full!  When I placed my order back in the spring, I had the intention of cooking one chicken per week.  I have somehow gotten out of the habit of doing this.  I am hereby committing to cook one chicken per week from now until I have room in my freezer again!

Here’s what we are planning for dinner:

Monday Mojo Chicken, Sauteed Green Beans from the garden

Tuesday Goosemeat Sandwiches (No, it’s not really goose!)

Wednesday – Chicken Fried Rice

Thursday –  Spaghetti

Friday – Birthday Party!

Saturday Summer Squash and Zucchini Skillet

Sunday – We have a potluck dinner at Bible study. Last week I took Nancy’s Green Beans except I used summer squash and zucchini instead of green beans.  It was a hit!

What’s on your menu this week?

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