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{Giveaway} Tropical Traditions Palm Shortening

I’m so excited to be hosting our first giveaway!  Tropical Traditions asked me to pick a product from their line to review and giveaway.  I knew immediately I wanted to give away palm shortening.  Why?  Because I use Tropical Traditions Palm Shortening almost everyday.

When I first began my journey into real food, I had a hard time finding a local source for all the goodies I had read about.  Eventually I joined a local buying club.  I sheepishly walked in and stared at the wall of fats.  There was expeller pressed coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, palm shortening and ghee.  The club leader suggested new members start off with palm shortening.  I took his advice and I am so glad I did. 


 Here’s why I love Palm Shortening:

  • It’s not hydrogenized and it’s trans fat free.
  • It’s tasteless and colorless.  This makes it extremely versatile. 
  • It’s affordable.  One gallon of Tropical Traditions Palm Shortening retails for $30.65.  Compare that to expeller pressed coconut oil (the lowest grade TT carries) at $44 and the savings is obvious. 
  • It’s shelf stable.  Palm shortening is a solid and melts at 97 degrees F.  It is a great substitute for vegetable shortening (Crisco).
  • It’s not prone to rancidity.  It is safe to use at high temperatures.  I do all my frying in palm shortening.