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Grass-Fed Beef $4.99 at Whole Foods this Friday!

Just in time for Labor Day, Whole Foods is offering a one day sale on their ground beef this Friday, September 2nd.  This includes organic, grass-fed beef if your store carries it.  You can check the Whole Foods website to see what farm will be carried at your store.

Thanks Organic Deals!

Salad in a Jar

Have you guys seen this Salad in a Jar site?  I have to say this is brilliant.  Paula writes about how she preps a week or two worth of lettuce and seals them in individual jars.  Then she has no excuse not to eat a fresh salad for lunch everyday.  She vacuum seals her jars.  I have read elsewhere that sealing the jars is not necessary.  Stored salad in unsealed jars lasts a long time as well, just not as long as the sealed jars.

Have you tried storing salad in jars?