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Oatmeal Blender Waffles Recipe

I posted this recipe once before with a big old fat typo! It called for 2 tsp baking soda instead of baking powder.  A very sweet reader left me a note letting me know it tasted like baking soda.  Well, I guess so!  Please accept my apologies if you tried this recipe with all that baking soda. I can only imagine how disgusting it was!

The correct recipe is quite good!  I promise. I tested it this morning on a “normal” tween who eats the typical American diet.  She said the waffles were really good. Once I told her there were no eggs, milk or wheat in the waffles, she couldn’t believe it.

This recipe makes four waffles.   Make sure you blend only one batch at a time unless you have a high power mixer like a Bosch or vita-mix.  Even then, only double the batter will fit in one blender.


Our Personal Story, Part 1

Bella at 3 months old - a "good" day after using steroid creams for a month

I have told you that my daughter has severe eczema and that part of her treatment plan is to avoid foods with the top 8 allergens.  That’s the short story.  Today I am sharing a little bit of our long story.