Oatmeal Blender Waffles Recipe

I posted this recipe once before with a big old fat typo! It called for 2 tsp baking soda instead of baking powder.  A very sweet reader left me a note letting me know it tasted like baking soda.  Well, I guess so!  Please accept my apologies if you tried this recipe with all that baking soda. I can only imagine how disgusting it was!

The correct recipe is quite good!  I promise. I tested it this morning on a “normal” tween who eats the typical American diet.  She said the waffles were really good. Once I told her there were no eggs, milk or wheat in the waffles, she couldn’t believe it.

This recipe makes four waffles.   Make sure you blend only one batch at a time unless you have a high power mixer like a Bosch or vita-mix.  Even then, only double the batter will fit in one blender.

Oatmeal Blender Waffles (gluten-free, vegan, nut-free)

  • 1 1/2 – 1 3/4 Milk Substitute (coconut milk and rice milk work well)
  • 2 Tbsp  Oil (Coconut oil is awesome!)
  • 1 1/2 Cup Rolled Oats, gluten-free (aka uncooked oatmeal)
  • 1 Tbsp Chia Seed (you could also try 1 Tbsp Ground Flax Seeds or 1 Egg)
  • 1-2 Tbsp Real Maple Syrup
  • 1 tsp Vanilla (optional)
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  1. Preheat waffle iron.
  2. Blend on high speed for 3 minutes: milk, oil, oats, chia, maple syrup and vanilla.
    The secret to light waffles is that the batter should be thin enough to swirl and make a vortex in the blender.  If your batter is not forming a vortex, add a little water or milk substitute.  If your batter is too thick, you’ll end up with very dense waffles.
  3. Add to blender and blend just until mixed thoroughly: baking powder and salt.
  4. Brush lots of coconut oil onto the waffle iron to ensure your waffle is crispy. Bake on well greased waffle iron until done.
  5. Reheat leftovers on a waffle iron or in a toaster for best results.  Microwaves produce soggy waffles.

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19 Responses to “Oatmeal Blender Waffles Recipe”

  1. Alice says:

    I thought oats have gluten in them. Is that not the case?

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Alice,

      Oats are technically gluten free but some people with gluten issues still react. The jury is still out on why. If you have issues with gluten it is recommended that you purchase certified gluten free oats or avoid oats all together. We don’t have issues with gluten but have a wheat allergy.

      The good news is this recipe is really good with other grains! You can read how to use other grains at http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2007/12/tuesday-recipes-wafflespancakes.html Lindsay lists grains she uses at the bottom of the post. You would probably need to let the batter soak overnight per her directions.

      I hope that helps,

  2. debbie says:

    I only have a beligian round waffle iron, will this make more than 1??

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Debbie, It’s been a long time since I’ve made these in a round belgian waffle iron. I think it would make enough for two but I honestly can’t remember. That’s not very helpful is it? 🙂

  3. I made these this morning, and I’m wondering if 2tsp. of baking soda is a typo? They tasted like baking soda. We were surprised, because everything else we’ve made of yours has been fabulous.

    • Nancy says:

      Oh my goodness! Yes, that is a typo! Thank you so much for letting me know! Who knows how many have tried it that way? It should have been 2 tsp baking POWDER and 1/2 tsp baking SODA. That is if I can read my chicken scratch correctly. I’ll have to test it soon and update the recipe. Thanks again for letting me know. That is so embarrassing!

    • Nancy says:

      Mary Jo,

      I fixed the waffle recipe. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me know it was there. I hope you’ll try it again. The correct recipe is here: https://www.realfoodallergyfree.com/?p=874


  4. Eny says:

    I was wondering if you are supposed to soak the oats before you make this or not? (I know that it’s easier on your stomach to digest it if it’s soaked, but I don’t know what’s required for this recipe?)

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Eny, Soaking is not required for this recipe. If you really want to soak your oats you could blend the milk, oil, oats, chia, maple syrup and vanilla the night before and let it sit out overnight. For best results you would need to add a little whey but we can’t use dairy. Hope that helps. By the way, you have a beautiful daughter!

  5. Susanne says:

    Hi! SOOOOO happy to have run across your website. I was wondering if I added a little more milk, will they work as pancakes? I don’t have a waffle iron but am considering running out and getting one just to make these!!

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Susanne, Welcome! I love the name of your blog. Too fun! Yes, some people use this recipe for pancakes. I have not tried it because i like “beancakes” so much. Have you seen that recipe? https://www.realfoodallergyfree.com/2011/12/protein-packed-pancakes/ If you try making pancakes with the waffle batter, let me know how it works.

      • Susanne says:

        Hi, and thank you for your reply! I did try them as pancakes this morning, and they were very tasty! I just needed to be sure to really cook them well, otherwise they end up gooey in the middle. Learned that the hard way. Ha! My daughter, the one with all of the allergies, even asked for seconds (a VERY rare occurrence in our house)! So, I would definitely call them a success!!

        I have not tried the bean pancakes for two reasons. First, we have had to cut honey out of Emily’s diet, and second, although she wasn’t specifically tested for navy beans, her reactions to many other beans are high. 🙁

        I really do appreciate all your site has to offer, and I’m looking forward to trying some of the other recipes. Thanks again!

        • Nancy says:

          I’m so glad they worked for you Susanne! Thanks for letting me know. It’s always nice to be able to add some choices to our kiddos diet.

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  7. Rachel R. says:

    I’ve made that mistake with pancakes before! My poor family – all that baking soda! lol

  8. kathy says:

    Love these! They are even better the next day

  9. Dora says:

    I made these this morning and they were amazing! I found that the trick to making them rise is to allow the batter to sit for about 5 minutes after blending to allow the chia seeds to absorb the liquids and act like an egg.

    To answer Debbie’s question, they made 3 and a half waffles in my Belgian waffle iron. However, they didn’t get as crispy throughout as I would have liked. I think they’re just too heavy. That didn’t stop my family (who don’t have food allergies) and me from gobbling them up!

    I found them to be almost sweet enough to not need syrup so when I made a second batch to freeze, I doubled the maple syrup so I can just pop them in the toaster oven for a quick on the run breakfast. I’m also hoping that will crisp them up some more.

    Also, to answer Alice’s question, oats are gluten free. However, most of them are harvested with the same equipment that harvests wheat causing cross – contamination. Certified gluten-free oats are harvested with designated equipment.

    Thanks for a wonderful recipe! My house smells like oatmeal cookies! 🙂