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Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Pieces


I never liked brussels sprouts growing up.   Even now, when I see them swimming in some kind of butter sauce at the local buffet, I pass them up.  No, thank you!

I am determined to eat more veggies.  So when I heard about caramelized Brussels sprouts, my ears perked up.  I mean, I can eat just about anything caramelized.

After googling a few recipes, this is what I came up with: caramelized Brussels sprouts with bacon pieces.  It’s really good.  At first bite, it tastes sweet and smokey.  While there is a mild cabbage after taste, you hardly know you are eating Brussels spouts.  In fact, because the Brussels sprouts are sliced into ribbons, it doesn’t even look like you’re eating Brussels sprouts.

The ultimate recipe test is always whether or not my kids eat it.  I am happy to report, two of my kids ate their sprouts without too much complaining.  In my opinion, that’s a win for Brussels sprouts! (more…)